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Starting on May 1st Sunday, May 02 2020, we introduced a new program called Sunday Sadhana. This program aims to feature young artists in dance across the board. Dancers who have shown mastery of their art, and have gone through years of practice and have shown proficiency in their field will be showcased. We get to know them, and explore their interest, and practice and they perform a piece of their liking for us. If you would like to apply for the series, please fill the form here.

This will be a live event and it will happen on Tandavam Events’ instagram page at Noon EST (DC/NYC) time. Please follow the a/c so as to get updates on schedules and to engage and appreciate what the young dancers bring forth. The LIVE sessions will be recorded and posted on IGTV as well as on our YouTube channel.

May 03 2020: Manaswini Avvari

Manaswini is a Kuchipudi dancer from California and performed excerpts from Bhama Kalapam and a Daruvu. A concversation between Madhavi and Sathyabhama. You can watch her performance on our IGTV and Youtube.

May 10 2020: Sumi Rao

Kuchipudi Dancer Sumi Rao from Northern VA performed Muddugare Yashoda, in Kuchipudi style on Mother’s day – her performance is uploaded on IGTV and YouTube.

May 17 2020: Rajitha Bharathan

Rajitha Bharathan is a Bharatanatyam dancer from Arizona, and will perform for us this Sunday May 17th at Noon EST

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  1. Gauri Sardesai

    Hi, I am Gauri Sardesai from Arizona and I am a professional Bharatanatyam artist. A disciple of Guru Deepak Mazumdar and currently mentoring under Guru Rama Vaidyanathan. I am a Diploma holder of Natyashastra, ICCR empaneled artist and junior and senior scholarship holder from Government of India. I have my Dance academy called SNDA in Chandler AZ. I have been in this artistic journey for 3decades. I will delighted to do an online workshop or a demonstration interaction on your Instagram page.

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