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We believe contesting and competing brings about a side of us that otherwise lays dormant. Contests are not always about beating the other person or about winning (or losing) but about challenging ourselves to do our best! To see where we stand, under a spotlight, to be able to do justice to a skill that we have spent time and energy on and to feel good about ourselves.

Tandavam encourages healthy participation, to see how we measure up for own sake, to learn, to adapt, to polish and to always improve upon our yesterday. Every single one of us is a learner and a student, just at different levels.


Margazhi (Winter) Solo Contest 2020

  • WHAT
    • Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and Kathak dance styles
  • WHO
    • Junior Category: Grades 4th – 7th (and/or under 5 years of training)
    • Senior Category: Grades 8th – 12th (and/or above 6 years of training)
  • WHEN
    • Saturday, January 25th 2020
  • WHEN
    • Each style will have a separate slot, look under each for your time
  • WHY
    • Reasons mentioned above plus it’s cool to compete & win! AND winners get to perform solo at our events during the year AND
    • AWARDS
      • First Place winner $50
      • Second Place winner $25* (Announced only if 4 or more participants)



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