Baithak: Ashta Nayika {Recap}

If you are just seeing this event post or have fallen upon this, please read the pre-event post and the bios of the performers here.

Sold Out!

Our very first intimate setting show was a sold out event with a fair number of walk-ins as well. Absolutely floored and grateful for the response!

Click to watch our teaser, an abridged version of the close to 2 hour event on YouTube

As promised during our contest this January, the evening opened with one of our Margazhi contest winners from the Kathak, Junior category: Our FIRST place winner, Jiyon Banerjee

Ashta Nayika event started with each performer being introduced by us and then they introduced the Nayika, and the emotion and the piece that they would perform for us. This gave them the freedom to express and say in their own words what they learnt and what they would like for us to take away from the piece.

Lisa Santhanam started the show by performing Kahibu Jaya, a dance item showcasing VIRAHOTKANTITHA; a lady who is disappointed that her nayaka has not come yet in Odissi Style.

Rithika Ashok enacted a heroine who is angry with her Nayaka for having gone to another woman, showcasing KHANDITHA nayika in Bharatnatyam style.

VASSIKASAJITHA was portrayed by Rupali Bhave in Kathak style, where the woman, in anticipation of her lover gets ready and dresses up herself and her home.

ABHISARIKA: This Nayika dresses up and goes out to stealthily in the middle of the night to meet her Nayaka. This was portrayed by Sneha Babu in Kuchipudi style.

The next Nayika portrayed in Bharatnatyam style was KALAHANTARITHA, portrayed by Arunima Mokkapati who showed remorse for her Nayaka after having fought with him.

PROSITAPATHIKA is the heroine who is feeling lonely as her lover or Nayaka has gone sojourning. This was showcased by Shaalini Desai in Kathak style

A nayika who is proud that she feels lucky to have a Nayaka is a SWADINAPATIKA and this was showcased by Sumi Rao in Kuchipudi style

The eighth Nayika was VIPRALABDHA, a heroine who is deceived by her Nayaka, and was portrayed by Neeta Pal in Odissi style

This beautiful mesmerizing showcase of eight solos were immediately followed by our Kuchipudi guest artist from Hyderabad, India. Sri. Srininivas Deverakonda, a disciple of Guru Vempati Chinna Satyam and a guru and respected artist himself, performed Paluku Tenala Talli. This item was an original composition by Vempati Chinna Satyam himself and it was a treat to watch this wonderful piece showcasing Sringara Rasa.

The end of the two hour event brought many a patron forward to meet and speak with individual artists and to congratulate them on their portrayals. The event was well received because of the small space and each of the 60+ audience members were vested in the art form and portrayal. Tandavam’s goal to bring art closer to the ones who craved it seemed just a bit more closer once the evening came to a close.

Enjoy some pictures taken at the end of the event and scroll to the end to watch the short teaser version of the event:

Watch the teaser!


Photographs: Sofia Sohail and Antonio Martin

Video Teaser: Firefly pictures by Sushant

Music: DJ Masti (Srilakshmi)

Guru Srinivas Deverakonda felicitation sponsor: Swetha Shankar Handmade Jewelry

..and the volunteers who came in early to help setup the space and then help clean up at the end. Forever grateful for the support. Our hearts are full!

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Author: tandavam