Sunday Sadhana {Insta Live Solos}

Starting on May 1st Sunday, May 02 2020, we introduced a new program called Sunday Sadhana.

This program aims to feature young artists in dance across the board. Dancers who have shown mastery of their art, and have gone through years of practice and have shown proficiency in their field will be showcased. We get to know them, and explore their interest, and practice and they perform a piece of their liking for us.

This will be a live event and it will happen on Tandavam Events’ instagram page at Noon EST (DC/NYC) time. Please follow the a/c so as to get updates on schedules and to engage and appreciate what the young dancers bring forth.

The LIVE sessions will be recorded and posted on IGTV as well as on our YouTube channel.

We are accepting applications from non-DMV dancers for performances to be scheduled in July. (Currently on hold,. we will resume this in the Spring 2021)

If you are from the DMV area, and would like to perform, please click here and check this post and application. We have a separate program for you.

Sunday Sadhana is currently scheduled for all Sundays until the end of June 2020.

Sunday Sadhana Performers (On our IGTV channel on Instagram)

Author: tandavam