Dance in COVID times

By now everyone’s gone through the five stages of grief (if we can even call it that) of being right bang in the middle of pandemic times. Through 8 weeks and more of our lockdown, we have gone through all the emotions possible and most of us have now resigned to a new normal – a normal and at least the normal for some time to come.

To accept that we will not be able to hang out and learn and enjoy each other’s talent/skill and art like how we used to is hard. Most of us have now, and as with all things that define us as humans, learnt to adapt and find a way to shine, to put ourselves out there within our limitations and to keep going. Going, growing and glowing through the suddenness of the restriction and fear that’s held us captive.

Regarding Tandavam, we, of course canceled our May event and also the semi-classical dance competition that was in the works for June. It was disappointing, but we had ample time after our February event to evaluate and assess the situation. So yes, it was a blow to us, event companies across the board. We mourned and despaired along with other art lovers on the sudden loss of performances, of not being able to watch in real time, to not get dressed up in all our dance costume glory and the excitement that came with it.

However, through all things dark, unpleasant and sudden, there is *always* a way out and life and passion came through and we are now on the other side of the old normal. We have a new normal and our mission continues to thrive. Now more than ever too!

Tandavam Events’ mission was to

  1. Encourage and showcase arts to a wider range of art lovers
  2. To give the space that young artists needed to thrive, to grow and to learn from each other
  3. To create a platform where all performing arts came together in a safe space, for arts’ sake

To that end, we are able to continue doing what we set out to do, while maintaining social distance and laying low till the virus leaves our community. Watch this space as we introduce two new programs for you to enjoy, and all from the safety of your own home.

Arts will survive. Artists will come through this, stronger and we hope to be able to play a small role in the transition and the new world that’s coming our way.

Sunday Sadhana Series: Solo Performances on Instagram Live

Author: tandavam