Fundraiser Event: Project Rishikesh {Recap}

If you are just reading this, please visit this page for a writeup and preview of the event and the beneficiaries of this fundraiser. Lotus College Of Optometry. Mumbai, India and The Parmarth Niketan Hospital, Rishikesh, India

This post contains the event details and the proceeds. Below is the program schedule.


The Program

Vilasini, a student of Salangai Arts kicked off the program with an invocation song to Lord Ganesha

Sumi Rao, a student of Nrityanjali, gave a solo rendition of Shiva Tandavam to kickstart the program.


The 3 dances from each dance school are listed above. The dances and the dancers were amazing to say the least. Strong pieces, with a good balance of nritta and natya. The two dance schools are well established in Northern VA and the consistent quality of skill and disciplined dancers they put out speaks for themselves. Salangai Arts is run by Smt. Akila Subramanyam and Nrityanjali is run by Smt. Shanthi Ashok.

Our guest artiste Sophia Salingaros from NYC performed three pieces that were well received by the audience.

Our donors made a significant impact and we collected close to $1800 in donations and ticket sales, and they are listed in the program above. If you know any of them, please remember to thank them towards the noble cause of gifting vision to the seniors in Rishikesh.

We also had two food donors, Laxmi Rao and SantishwaG Catering, who generously supplied us with spring rolls and pakodas for the students and audience (the trays were empty by the end of the 3 hour show!)

A huge shoutout to our sound system backbone: SriLakshmi Ikkurthy, who runs DJ Masti, and is also incidentally the only female DJ in Northern VA. The fantastic pictures you see below are by Satish Atmuri , a photographer from the NoVA area who has always been a charm and a pleasure to work with. Please check them both out for your future needs.

We also had support through our volunteer team who helped set up the place, and they deliver! Grateful for their presence and willingness <3

…..and the slideshow!

A check for $2000/ has been sent to Lotus College Of Optometry amounting to close to INR 1.5 Lakhs. The outreach camp is scheduled for March 2020 and we will have pictures as they come through.

Once again, always grateful for the forces that come together to giveback to our community and to our art form and we are excited and happy we can make a difference.

Team Tandavam.

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